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  I am just one of those "normal; non-politically correct; human beings" that cannot understand today’s "societal norms" and just feeling generally frustrated at times because of wanting to go through life living it without too much interference from outside sources.

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What this webpage is about?

    This page has been set-up for many things as you will notice but two things I would like many of you to know and that is I currently own and operate two businesses, one being a Private Investigator (licensed in Florida which the number is A-2900147), if you need the services of a Private Investigator or Personal Protection Specialist you can reach me through the e-mail link here, you may also visit my PI webite located here or click on the link to the left in the navigation bar. The second business is I am a fully licensed firearms dealer, I currently have an on-line store which is located here, or you can click on the link located in the navigation bar to the left, you can visit the store and if you decide to purchase a firearm and you are of legal age and permitted to do so under the law you may do so, all payments are processed through PAYPAL so none of your finacial information is stored on any of my systems. You need to also know that any firearms purchased have to be shipped to a Federally Licensed Dealer as it is against federal law to ship to a private residence. 

    Ok now on to other reasons;

   Hello, I have set this webpage up because I wanted to have someplace on the internet that I can call my own. There are many of you that continually subscribe to such sites as twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube and the like plus download IM (Instant Messenger) programs, and enjoy chatting.

   I have chosen to place many features on my site which are comparable to many of those sites because I wanted someplace that I could centralize and control my own content. I now share my own photographs, videos, thoughts/opinions/ideas in my own forum, and I have my own live chat. I have web-mail/ my own e-mail server.

   The templates I use for those pages came from open-source which has allowed me to expand this site giving me the ability to use the site the WAY I want allowing me to have my place on the internet, sharing what I want, and allow anyone interested in getting to know me to do so somewhat anonymously.

   I must say however that anything on MY pages that you do not agree with or you find insulting is really just too bad as this site is mine and YOU chose to navigate here and you can just as easily choose to navigate to someplace else because this IS my site and I can pretty much put anything I what on it as long as it is legal. You may choose to e-mail me "here" to complain or if I am feeling generous I may even allow you to comment on either my forum or guest book and let it stay without deleting.

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